Testing and compliance consultancy, TRaC Global, has launched its new multi-profile ZigBee Tracer test harness suite, a complete protocol toolkit designed to accelerate product development.

As part of the announcement TRaC unveiled its first Tracer product focusing on the ZigBee Smart Energy (ZSE) profile.

The Tracer ZSE variant is a USB dongle which will allow manufacturers of ZigBee Smart Energy products to perform pre-testing of their designs at all stages of development, thus helping to ensure that all test criteria have been met prior to the official certification test.

Tracer ZSE will emulate a device type within the smart energy ecosystem sending programmed signals to the manufacturer’s product, verifying its functionality. It will also provide the user with an instant pass or fail verdict allowing for changes to be made where necessary.

TRaC’s Tracer has a graphic user interface for ease of use and clarity across both in-lab and remote pre-testing. Two versions of the Tracer are available to suit the level of functionality required. The lite version allows the designer to perform test cases and determine compliance while the professional version allows for in-depth debugging analysis and development and offers customised testing.

The Tracer ZSE supports all Zigbee Smart Energy device types including Energy Service Portals (ESI), In Home Displays (IHD) and Meters (MTR).

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