A partnership between Robin and Amprobe has seen the introduction of a new range of test equipment. This includes a new range of single, dual and multi-function 17th Edition Installation Testers. This new range includes:

Multi-function Tester: The Robin Amprobe KTS1625 17th Edition Multi-function Tester is for testing the latest wiring regulations.

Single Function Testers: Designed to increase flexibility, this range includes the Robin Amprobe KMP7020 and KMP7021 Digital RCD Testers, the Robin Amprobe KMP 7030 Earth Loop Impedance Tester, the Robin Amprobe KMP7036 Continuity & Insulation Tester and the Robin Amprobe KMP7010 Ground Resistance Tester. The 702x and 703x units are also available as combination 17th Edition Robin Amprobe 17A and 17B Test Kits.

Dual Function Testers: For customers already owning an insulation tester, the Robin Amprobe KMP7100 Earth Loop Impedance & RCD Tester is well suited to complete the testing capability.



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