Weidmüller has recently introduced six new versions of 2-pole voltage testers that fulfil the revised standard for these types of testers i.e. DIN VDE 0682-401:2011 and DIN EN-61243-3:2010).

The revised standard for 2-pole voltage testers came into force on 1st May 2010, and took effect on 1st October 2010, with a three year transitional period. A 2-pole voltage tester is the only test instrument approved to determine safe isolation from the power supply that complies fully with occupational health and safety law.

The standard covering 2-pole voltage testers calls for a variety of changes and these affect the protection class, the voltage category and climatic conditions, as well as EMC compliance.

Weidmüller’s new testers are not entering the market, as required by the revised standards, with a minimum degree of protection of IP54. They are actually rated to IP65, which means they are effectively sealed to offer protection against the ingress of dust and offer all round protection against jets of water.

The 2-pole voltage testers – Digi-Check Pro, Digi-Check, Multi-Check, Combi-Check Pro and Combi-Check are CAT IV – 600V instruments while the Master-Check belongs to the category CAT IV – 400V. A full review of the new product range can be found at www.connectingindustry.com/2-pole.


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