Prefabricated distribution system

Jul 11, 2012 | Cables and Accessories

To help reduce installation time and ensure compliance with the Wiring Regulations, Hager has developed a fully pluggable electrical distribution system – from the distribution board to luminaires.

The Klik.system consists of a number of distribution products linked by prefabricated wiring sections, which simply plug together. To ensure that the final installation complies with all of the relevant standards and regulations, Hager has also developed a bespoke software package. This produces a fully calculated design, which includes drawings, electrical calculations, test information and delivery schedules.

Some prefabricated wiring systems have been associated with serious safety issues such as reversed polarity, underrated couplers and incorrectly sized wiring sections. Therefore, in response to this, BSI has developed and then further amended the standard BS8488:2009 + A1:2010 to ensure that safety requirements are met and that systems are tested.

Designing and supplying the entire system from the pre-wired pluggable distribution boards, through the lighting installation system right down to the wiring accessories, ensures all of the elements in the circuit are compatible.

A complete system would start with a factory assembled, pluggable distribution board that is prewired to multi-pole connectors. This takes individual circuits to specified areas of the building via a home run cable where it connects to an Area Distribution Box (ADB). This then supplies lighting marshalling boxes and tee pieces which in turn supplies the luminaires and switching devices.

For lighting control, specifiers can choose from a basic manual switching system, a standard automatic system using occupancy sensors and photocells or a digital system. The latter can take into account available daylight as well as artificial light to save energy.

Prewired occupancy sensors plug into the lighting marshalling boxes or tee pieces to provide control to the circuit. Switch drops are also pluggable so there is no need for hard wired connections in the ceiling void.


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