480W of cooling performance reaching a COP of 2.5!

The Southern Manufacturing Show 2012 saw Seifert UK launch a complete new range of mini air conditioners. This line comprises 4 different variants – two 19” rack units which are only 88mm (2U) high, an externally wall-mounted unit with a 260 x 260mm mounting surface and an externally- or recessed wall-mounted unit with only 85mm depth. These provide a very high cooling capacity of up to 480W in a very small package!
Moreover, these units have all the benefits of the Seifert ecool variable speed compressor technology.  At the heart of the unit is a variable speed DC-powered compressor and variable speed fans which are controlled by a Seifert PID controller. The compressor and fan speeds are continuously adjusted so that the air conditioner can respond to minor changes in the enclosure load.  This gives a stable enclosure temperature that is maintained under all conditions – in most cases, the temperature will only change by ±0.2°C. This was demonstrated at the trade fair by a display enclosure that was developed specifically for this purpose. The air conditioner also consumes the minimum possible amount of energy therefore decreasing the operating cost and carbon footprint.
These products are the result of a number of extensive and on-going research projects by the Seifert R&D department that have focused mainly on variable speed compressor technology, accurate control of air conditioners and micro-cooling. These have made Seifert the market leader in variable speed compressor systems for enclosure cooling.

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