EA Technology’s Power Skills Centre is launching a new one day training course to help electricity distribution network operators (DNOs) and their suppliers understand the operation and objectives of working within economic regulation.

This one day course will be held at the company’s training facilities based at Capenhurst, Chester on Monday the 19th March and will provide an introduction and overview of the regulatory process that can help business and influence performance.

The programme has been developed by EA Technology to enable managers working for DNOs to tailor their operations to deliver better regulatory outcomes, leading to increased profitability within a set framework.

The regulatory framework includes a number of incentives and mechanisms that are designed to encourage effective, efficient and innovative operations. This course is designed to help provide a better understanding of these mechanisms to a greater number of employees, and consequently deliver immediate benefits to the business.

Delivered by leading strategists with extensive practical experience of applying regulatory considerations to operational decisions and commercial opportunities, the course will help delegates maximise performance and profits by developing their understanding of how to operate more effectively and achieve higher profit margins within a regulatory environment.

Ofgem rules strictly regulate the network operators including the quality of service, pricing and delivery which is in keeping with a non-competitive market. The course aims to give a thorough background on how electricity networks are governed to help all those involved in the sector increase their awareness of the opportunities to achieve better business and operational outcomes.

Other particular topics of interest covered in the programme include regulated income and an insight into how this is made up, the settlement process, the role of Ofgem and other stakeholders and the latest developments in regulation.

The course will also provide sector suppliers with a useful insight into the behaviour of DNOs and will give a better understanding as to how the businesses are managed and some of the major influences in decision making.

The aim of the course is to help DNOs and their suppliers understand the objectives of economic regulation, how this impacts upon a DNO’s business and how regulation is changing, so that operation can be tailored to increase profitability.

Business development manager, Ben Robinson, said, “This is a self contained one day course, it is very relevant for engineers and also non-technical staff, all of whom should get a better understanding of the impact of the Ofgem regulations.” The course can also be delivered at other locations and clients’ sites within the UK.