Advanced technology electrical testing equipment is helping a specialist manufacturer of electrical wiring harnesses and control panels for diesel engine applications demonstrate compliance with rigorous industry standards.

Engine controls specialist CMR UK has extended its product test capability with the addition of Seaward HAL 104 multi-function electrical safety tester to its manufacturing operations. The HAL 104 combines the performance of a multi-function production line safety tester with load and power factor measurement for component and assembly energy consumption and ratings assessments.

Incorporating AC/DC Hipot (flash/dielectric strength), the tester can perform load and power functional tests, insulation, ground/earth bond testing to 40A, load testing to 16A with leakage measurement to 20mA.

For CMR UK the new tester is primarily being used to provide HV dielectric testing and insulation resistance measurement on panel assemblies to endure electrical safety standards compliance with both BIS and IEC requirements, as well as Marine Classification Society regulations. To do this, the new tester incorporates special ‘SwitchSmart’ technology that combines conventional testing with a dedicated switching matrix to cater for 3-phase circuits.

At CMR this enables the HAL 104 to connect to pairs of conductors successively in a 3 phase system (L1, L2, L3 and Earth). The software then follows an automatic procedure of testing for both dielectric withstand and insulation resistance using the switchsmart to channel the test voltage between different conductors to ensure good insulation between all phases and earth.

The complete HAL package is driven by specialist Safety e-Base Pro software, that enables fully customisable test sequences to be set up and operated via a PC from any safe and convenient location. Rick Charles, Technical Projects Manager at CMR said: “The new test instrumentation and expanded test capability provides exceptional levels of flexibility and functionality, which has dramatically improved the quality and efficiency of the panel assembly testing undertaken by the CMR technical team.”

The HAL 104 forms part of a range of versatile electrical safety testing, compliance and precision measurement equipment from Seaward to help manufacturers of electrical and electronic products comply with international standards. The five product HAL series provides a range of dedicated and all in one electrical safety testers that can be used in stand-alone applications or as part of integrated production line systems.

As well as the HAL104 multifunction tester, the range includes the HAL 101 AC/DC hipot and DC insulation tester, the HAL 102 dielectric strength and DCIR tester with 5 channel scanner, the HAL 103 combined hipot, ground bond and insulation tester and the specialist HAL LED, which has been designed with a reduced power measurement range in keeping with the specific test demands of low power electronics such as LED lighting. All instruments in the new HAL range possess a simple to operate user interface and fully isolated outputs to provide complete flexibility and safety of operation.

The large graphic display and simple push-button operation makes the process of testing straightforward and fast. Test information is presented in a numerical or analogue format and an internal memory allows the storage and downloading of up to 6,000 results for full traceability and test record keeping.

A choice of automatic, manual or direct PC operational modes offers maximum flexibility of use and control alongside the capability to meet the full production line testing requirements from low volume manual testing right through to high volume automated programmes.

Automatic mode provides a structured, repeatable route to testing through storing complete test sequences in the internal memory of the instrument, making it ideal for use in a production line environment. When a fully automated approach is required, simple command protocols can be used in order for the HAL series tester to be controlled via a PC or other device.

For those manufacturing activities where flexibility of test parameters and diagnostic checks are required, the manual mode enables individual tests to be performed easily by test staff. HAL testers can be interfaced with a variety of accessories including bar code scanners and label printers and special UK and international specification variants are available.

Full details of the Seaward range of test equipment for the electrical and electronics manufacturing sector is available at: