Martindale Electric has introduced a new range of plastic body padlocks with 6mm hardened steel shackles to complement its successful series of MCB Lock Out Kits to ensure safe isolation. Designed for use with Martindale lock out devices and compatible with most other safety lock out products, this new range is supplied with special “Lock Out” markings and permanent write-on labels to assign user names.

The padlocks are supplied in three bright colours – red, blue and yellow – to ensure immediate and clear identification of particular circuits, work areas or departments and for added safety each lock is supplied with just one key, to ensure a circuit cannot be inadvertently unlocked by another user. All 6mm locks come with a double sided “Property of” and “Do Not Remove, Locked Out” label to prevent unauthorised access to a circuit.

In addition to the steel shackle range, Martindale Electric also offers insulated shackle padlocks for extra safety and security. Maintaining the same dimensions as the steel padlocks also with brightly coloured plastic bodies, the Martindale PAD20 provides added safety as the insulated shackle does not conduct electricity. Complying with the safe isolation guidelines the insulated range offers the very highest level of safety and will satisfy anyone who has concerns about the use of metal products next to a distribution board. 

Martindale Electric is a specialist in providing equipment to ensure safe working on electrical circuits and has designed a wide range of lock out kits and safety equipment such as test instruments, proving devices and isolation locks to ensure maximum safety in the workplace. 

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