Riegens Lighting has supplied a range of luminaires, including bespoke Mirac recessed modular fittings, to the Medical Research Council’s new Laboratory of Molecular Biology building (LMB) at Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

The new 30,000 m2 LMB building has two long laboratory wings separated by a spacious atrium, giving a shape that is reminiscent of paired chromosomes. It has the capacity to accommodate more than 400 researchers and has been designed to ensure maximum flexibility for the future.

In order to accommodate the lighting requirements, consultants K J Tait engineers selected a range of luminaire designs from the Riegens range.

For laboratories and equipment rooms, nearly 3,000 Riegens Mirac 1200 x 300 recessed modular fluorescent fittings have been specially adapted to fit into the special ceiling used in these areas. The luminaires have also been configured so that the control gear is accessible from below the ceiling for maintenance.

Each of the Mirac luminaires incorporates 1 x 28W T5 fluorescent lamps. Riegens’ innovative RT5 optic ensures light output and distribution are optimised to ensure good visibility for researchers working in the spaces.

In communications and hardware rooms, Riegens Blocks suspended luminaires were selected for their ability to deliver excellent light distribution and achieve even illumination on vertical surfaces. In meeting rooms, stylish Concido recessed downlights have been used to achieve the required illuminance levels and provide flexibility.

Other fittings used include Cirrus TLO fittings in offices and seminar rooms, where the luminaire’s micro prism optic technology combined with a special back reflector system ensures uniform illumination of the panel and full glare control from all angles.

Wieland Electric supplied its gesis GST18i5 connectors throughout the building via the company’s MDB’s (Master Distribution Boxes).   All of the lighting is controlled through a Delmatic DALI-based lighting management system and emergency fittings are equipped with Tridonic EM-PRO ballasts to enable automatic testing.

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