Wireless home automation specialist LightwaveRF has announced a new element to its Connect family of wireless ‘Smart Home’ products, enabling accurate monitoring and control of domestic heating systems using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC.  This development represents a ‘world first’ as competitive systems cannot yet offer monitoring and control down to room and individual radiator level.

The system allows users to set up, monitor and control boiler on/off times, individual room temperatures and even the temperature of ‘zones’ through the house, from anywhere in the world using the Internet.  This system will enable home owners to maximise heating efficiency and save on heating costs. Using the LightwaveRF Smartphone app or computer based management software heating can be turned off or down in unoccupied rooms and bedrooms can be heated independently to suit specific requirements.

LightwaveRF’s  Connect  portfolio of home automation products  includes switches, sockets, dimmers and relays used to control lighting, appliances, entertainment systems, and almost any electrical equipment. Specialised heating devices now include boiler controls, thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) all of which have wireless connectivity and Internet access via any broadband router. For more information view the website on:  www.megamanuk.com/lightwaverf