Embedded computing specialist Recab UK has become the primary distributor of INSYS icom equipment and support services for the UK market. This will allow Recab UK to support businesses in markets such as water treatment, utilities and sanitation with high quality products suited for automation and remote-controlled IT applications.

Recab UK and its sister company, Recab AB, have been working with INSYS icom products for several years. INSYS icom customers benefit from the company’s capabilities as a one-stop-shop, providing complete solutions for industrial data routing, remote connectivity and use of the devices as Internet of Things (IoT) gateways. This business development further streamlines the consultation process for shared customers of INSYS icom and Recab UK.

Recab UK now has the range of INSYS icom devices on its website and stocked items in its online store. Customers can call or email Recab UK at the UK office for technical support, pre-sales or post-sales and can get advice, loan units for testing and accessories to meet specific project needs.

“The world becomes more and more interconnected with every day that passes” commented Martin Frederiksen, managing director of Recab UK. “For instance, water processing is one area where high speed and reliable communication between pumps, sensors and the monitoring software is absolutely crucial. That’s where INSYS icom is such a strong partner, as it produces some of the best I/O equipment available on the market.

“Another discipline where reliable data transfer is vital is in renewable schemes. Because such infrastructure projects are typically located well out of the way, either up hills or out in the ocean, the ability to monitor the equipment remotely is almost a strict requirement. In the past, the monitoring of infrastructure like this would have been a full-time job, for instance lighthouse keepers. Thankfully, technology has improved somewhat since then.”

Anna Wels, Vice President Market Unit icom at INSYS icom, added: “While data collection has become relatively inexpensive, transmitting it via mobile connections, storing it and analysing it can prove costly. Being able to bring the analysis closer to the application can reduce costs and condense time to action.

“Implementing edge computing is a great way of streamlining processes, regardless of whether it is in a large facility or a smaller, isolated location. Industrial routers can be installed with monitoring apps that can analyse data and be programmed to send commands to the system or to remote locations if certain criteria are met. The router, therefore, can securely send data generated by the system to a central location and can also carry out on site analysis.”

Recab UK offers the full range of INSYS icom products to UK and Ireland. New and legacy devices can be found on the Recab UK web store.

If you can’t find the product you want on the web store or you’d like advice on any INSYS icom products, please contact Recab UK by calling +44 (0)1634 300 900.