Disposable respirator manufacturer Alpha Solway is helping protect workers against the threat of breathing hazards with the launch of the Alpha Flow Series, which is said to include the UK’s first P3 charcoal filter.

The five-product Alpha Flow series has been designed to improve comfort and performance whilst maintaining a secure fit to provide enhanced breathing protection for workers coming into contact with dust, fumes, vapours and particulates across a wide range of industry sectors.

Providing effective breathing protection in environments from textile manufacturing through to the iron and steel industry and underground civil engineering, every product in the series has been manufactured in accordance with EN149: 2001+A1 2009.

Offering breathing protection from FFP1 to FFP3, the Alpha Flow Series – which is colour coded for ease of identification when varying levels of protection are required – protects against a range of respiratory hazards from non-toxic dust (FFP1) through to environments where workers will encounter potentially hazardous oil and water-based particulates (FFP3).

The higher performance FFP3 charcoal model is loaded with activated carbon to protect against nuisance odours and organic vapours.




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