Brady printers can rely on a 100 years of identification expertise –

Identifying electrical wires and cables, components, circuit breaker boxes, patch panels or terminal blocks can be quite a time consuming job that does not make the most of an electrical installer’s skills and expertise. However, well identified wires and circuits greatly increase the speed of any electrical follow-up job. “That is why Brady offers top market printers that can identify any electrical wire, cable, component or circuit breaker box in mere minutes, greatly increasing productivity”, says Cindy Van den Bremt, Product Manager Portable Systems at Brady.


Fast & productive

Brady portable printers have been developed with electrical, datacom and telecom installers in mind. The BMP21-PLUS, BMP41, BMP51 and BMP71 are all designed to enable professionals to identify any wire and component faster, easier and with confidence.

“Apart from variations in label width, all Brady portable printers offer quick cartridge loading, printing on continuous label rolls and sleeves, a built-in label cutter, built-in graphics and industry symbols and a multi-lingual menu. Brady also offers printer specific specialized applications enabling you to print die-cut labels, or quickly identify breaker boxes and components.”



Installers often work in conditions that can be quite challenging for man and machine. “We take special care to build dust- and shock-proof printers that last. Any new printer model needs to pass a drop test before it enters the market to make sure our printers are as tough as their job requires.”

Every Brady portable printer can work with a rechargeable battery. “Spare rechargeable batteries are available so you will always have the juice to get the job done.”


Labels that last

Through research and experience, Brady built a vast knowledge base from which the best materials and adhesives are selected to construct labels that last in challenging conditions. “Every Brady portable printer works seamlessly with our advanced labels that can resist prolonged UV-exposure and weathering.”

“The main advantage of Brady’s engineered labels is that once they are applied, they don’t fall off. There’s a label construction available for any context to avoid labels coming off inadvertently, making sure you never have to re-identify anything without purpose.”


Birthday kits

“To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we are offering a free cable stripper for every new registered Electrical & Teledatacom portable printer kit and an additional celebration price benefit on top of the already attractive portable printer kit prices between September 22 and December 30. These kits include a practical hard case, a new printer and label materials, a battery, accessories and a voucher for a free cable stripper making you even more efficient on-the-job. Visit our dedicated landing page or email for more information.