The Brownell NEPS1000 is a self contained automatic dry gas purging system.  This equipment has been designed with the needs and requirements of both equipment manufacturers and end users in mind. Dry gas purging of equipment increases the temperature operating envelope in which equipment can function before there are any noticeable issues which can be attributed to water!  These issues can range from condensation to corrosion right through to mould growth.

The easy to use single connection purging system provides a LCD readout of both pressure and dewpoint. In conjunction with these measurements it is possible to perform other functions. These include leak testing, gas quality (dewpoint testing), automatic gas control and even perform MVTR (moisture vapour transmission rate) testing.

The NEPS1000 is housed in an IP67 carrying case which makes it suitable for deployment and use in many different operating environments. All the required equipment to use the NEPS1000 is housed in an in-built stowage compartment.

Dry gas purging can be undertaken using most dry gases, these include air and  inert gases. Generally the drier the gas the more efficient the purge will be. In addition to moisture removal the use of inert gases will promote an oxygen free environment which is desirable should oxidation prevention be an issue.

The use of the NEPS 1000 is intended for use in conjunction with desiccation or as a regular service/maintenance function to keep equipment operating under extreme environmental conditions.

The NEPS1000 can operate from 100 to 240V AC at 50-60Hz.