The EV1000 project is aiming to build the world’s quickest electric motorcycle, covering ¼ mile in less than seven seconds at speeds of 200mph. But this showcase for UK technology can only do that if the components they’re using transmit a huge amount of electrical energy safely, securely, and with minimal losses.

That’s why the team behind the project turned to the Hypertac range from Smiths Connectors to ensure the electrical systems would transmit the power reliably, efficiently, and in complete safety for protection of the engineers and Rob Moon, the rider of the bike.

Phil Edwards, managing director of Sussex-based Weald Technology Ltd and the man leading this 1,000hp electric motorcycle project said: “We’re delighted to welcome Smiths Connectors aboard. The project is all about quality, performance, and efficiency and Smiths Connectors, being world leaders in this field, are a natural fit for the EV1000 project team”.

Gabriel Guglielmi vice president of business development for Smiths Connectors added: “Our technology has the flexibility and performance needed by world-record challenges. We understand the complexity associated with implementing the interconnect solution for an all-electric application, and loved the challenge to design a high-performance connector for such a small space.

The team are due to start construction of the bike shortly, with a view to running it at slow speed late in 2014 before challenging for the title of “world’s quickest electric motorcycle” in 2015.