Bulk Infrastructure, the Nordic’s leading provider of ultra-scalable, highly connected, sustainable data centres, dark fibre networks and industrial real estate is pleased to announce that Norwegian based systems integrator and software developer Innit doubled their data centre capacity at Bulk’s Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX) facility.

The new order on the Master Service Agreement (MSA), signed on 21 January to cover the expansion, resulted from the two organisations working closely to meet Innit’s needs for expansion.

Innit was acquired in December 2020 by Arribatec, an Oslo-based global software and consulting company. Bulk was able to work with the Innit management team, moving quickly to identify suitable capacity within OS-IX and support the customer’s organic growth.

“Customer needs change rapidly,” says Rob Elder, Vice President Data Centres for Bulk Infrastructure. “We work hard to stay current and even anticipate changes and opportunities that benefit our customers.”

In-house engineering and service teams support some of the Nordic’s most connected Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), cutting costs and ensuring the best latency, performance and resilience across networks. Bulk’s data centre has an extensive eco-system of connectivity partners, enabling Private Interconnection (PI) to over 60 network partners. OS-IX is carrier neutral and directly interconnected.

“Our Solution as a Service capabilities are growing rapidly, driven by AI and multi-cloud solutions,” says Erik Sundet, Director of Cloud Operations for Innit. “This is why it is so important to work closely with a leading data centre provider who understands our needs for delivering on our strategy of best-in-class solutions.”

Bulk offers integrated data centre services that maximise efficiency, sustainability and performance. Three campuses leverage the cost and efficiencies of Nordic data centres. At OS-IX, more than 60 networks meet for peering and traffic exchange. Local Internet exchanges, including NIX, FIXO and NetNod is Onnet, making it easy to connect and scale within the Norwegian and Nordic market.

OS-IX is located near Oslo City Centre and only 30km from Oslo international Airport. The facility offers 14.4MW of 2N redundant renewable power and is Tier III-rated (EN50600 Class 3) to meet your performance, sustainability, scalability and ease of management goals.

“Systems integrators are an important part of the digital transformation ecosystem,” says Elder. “Those with the expertise to connect hyperscale IT systems with subject matter expertise in key markets like AI and HPC are thriving through colocation.” Bulk’s Nordic locations rival or outperform hyperscale infrastructure services through advanced design and low-cost, clean energy.

To learn more about Bulk, please visit www.bulkinfrastructure.com.