With the introduction of the new SmartWire-DT interface module for its range of PKE electronic motor protection circuit breakers, Eaton’s Electrical Sector is now offering a full range of networked motor starter solutions for control panels, which use only standard components from the xStart family.

Benefits of the new range include the elimination of the need for system builders and end users to stock different ranges of devices for traditionally wired and networked panels.

The SmartWire-DT system has been designed to make the benefits of the fieldbus available inside the control panel. It eliminates all conventional control wiring in the panel, with connections instead made by plug-in daisy chain cables. This reduces the time needed to wire the panel and makes incorporating future modifications easier.

Standard contactors and protection devices in the xStart range are made ready for SmartWire-DT connectivity simply by adding an interface module, in exactly the same way that an auxiliary contact block is fitted.

The new interface modules for PKE motor protection circuit breakers give users of SmartWire-DT access to versatile electronic motor protection. Each of the units in the PKE family cover a range of motor currents, thereby minimising the number of variants that have to be stocked, and the units also offer tripping classes that can be set from CLASS 5 to CLASS 20, which means that optimum protection can be provided for all types of drive, irrespective of the start-up conditions.