Zigor are proving with the Danubio uninterruptible power supply range that businesses can enjoy Line Interactive technology at Offline prices.

Users may opt for the Offline UPS when it comes to selecting a device to protect their equipment in the event of a power failure as it is the cheapest product on the market. But leading manufacturer, Zigor, has advised organisations that it only provides the most basic level of power protection and that the feature-packed Danubio offers far more for their money.

Designed with an automatic voltage regulator, the Danubio protects systems from fluctuations in the electricity supply, avoids data loss, and provides a longer service life for hardware. The power is guaranteed by Zigor’s high-quality battery that offers at least 10 minutes of back-up time depending on the energy load.

Ideal for small servers and workstations, the Danubio is available in 1000VA , 1600VA and 2000VA and is also a user-friendly system which allows a real time view of the UPS and battery status. Equipped with an LCD screen, this includes a full software package ready to carry out a managed shut-down of all connected systems and saving open files. The software can be connected through a USB port at the back of the UPS.

Users are alerted through a variety of different methods in the event of power failure, including by audible beeper, network, e-mail, SMS acoustic, telephone and Windows alarms. The Danubio, which starts at £160 (ex VAT) for the 1000VA, also offers easy access for battery replacement and includes a two-year warranty.

Gavin Banks, UK Sales Manager at Zigor, said: “The great thing about the Danubio for the customer is that with Zigor you can get a higher level of power protection but without a higher price. Our Line Interactive range offers UPS’s at the same cost as other vendors’ Offline products.”

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