Lindapter extend product range with the AMD Decking Fixing.

The Type AMD fixing has been developed to allow building services to be suspended from AMD60 and AMD80 decking profiles manufactured by Anglian Metal Deck Ltd.

Lindapter highlights that the new fixing creates genuine efficiencies for the contractor as it is installed within seconds and is adjustable onsite without the requirement of specialist labour, expensive tools or power.

The Lindapter concept delivers an economical connection method suitable for the installation of a variety of HVAC systems, fire protection, pipe work, electrical equipment and lowered ceilings. The AMD wedge is designed to fit inside the dovetail re-entrant channel of the composite decking profile and held in place by a locking plate and locknut. In contrast to shot firing methods, this zero-impact fixing preserves the strength of the decking profile and avoids delamination (separating the steel from the concrete) and damage to the deck.

As with all Lindapter products, safe working loads are independently approved and rigorous quality procedures ensure a secure connection with a capacity of 1.00kN per fixing, calculated at a safety factor of 3:1.

  • Quick and easy to install – saving time on site.
  • Adjustable onsite – providing flexibility during installation.
  • Specialist labour not required – controlling costs.
  • Zero-impact installation – avoids delamination and damage to the deck.
  • No expensive tools or power required to install – saving money.

“The AMD decking fixing is the latest development in our range that confirms we are committed to providing high quality, cost effective building services connections compatible with all major decking manufacturers including Composite Metal Flooring (CMF®), Kingspan® Structural Products, Structural Metal Decks (SMD), Hare Decking and Tata Steel® Europe.” said Lindapter’s Marketing Specialist Damian Haigh.

The ype AMD is available in sizes M6, M8 and M10 through our UK distributors. For full specification and installation information download our new technical datasheet from