Flex Connectors have added a 5 & 6-pole plug and single socket outlet to their extensive range of lighting connection and control products. The socket offers a large wiring compartment, big enough to accommodate an electric screwdriver. They can be fitted directly to a round conduit box, using the 2 captive M4 screws provided, or order the trunking mount version if fitting to trunking, cable basket or tray. Large terminals, all in line, and a cover that fits last means that termination is particularly easy.

The flex7 plugs boast a snap-on/snap-off cover and a pair of screws which both secure the cover and clamp the flexible cable, making it quick and easy to wire. strong mechanical latches on each plug double as finger grips, making de-latching for plug removal almost automatic when (and only when) you need it. All terminals are numbered, with additional marking illustrating normal usage.

Both plug and socket are available now, either individually or as a kit. Flex Connectors also offer 3, 4 and 7-pole plugs and single socket outlets.