Rotary vane compressor manufacturer, Mattei, has launched a new partnership with Coelmo, an Italian producer of generating sets.

The partnership will see Mattei working in conjunction with Coelmo to promote generators within the UK market, and will provide customers with access to a range of power generation equipment. Coelmo’s product range complements Mattei’s energy efficient rotary vane compressors, as well as the generator and cogeneration set solutions already offered by Mattei’s energy division.

Coelmo designs and manufactures generating sets from three to 3,000kVA, for industrial and marine applications. Its offer includes diesel, gas, heavy duty, standby or completely customised solutions, as well as generators suited to the rental market.

Coelmo has also developed technologies including hybrid DC variable speed generating sets for off-grid telecommunication applications, specifically designed to reduce operating costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. These systems incorporate renewable sources, including solar panels and wind turbines in conjunction with long life deep cycle batteries.

Andy Jones, general manager at Mattei, commented, “This new partnership brings together two very similar companies, and has enhanced our product offering. Coelmo’s business really dovetails with our own, and there are some striking synergies. Just as Mattei has invested in and made great strides in rotary vane compressor technology, Coelmo’s constant investment in technological innovation has brought its energy systems to the very top of electromechanical and electronic production. Obviously there is also the fact we are both long established Italian businesses with generations of experience and a presence across the globe.

“The partnership means we can now offer our customers an increased range of technologically advanced diesel and gas generating sets – or even a solution that incorporates a renewable technology.”