The new Bender insulation monitoring device ISOMETER® iso685-D sets a new safety standard with state-of-the-art performance in terms of reliability, measuring technique, operability and design is focusing on a new innovative series of insulation monitoring devices that are.  It is designed to meet the needs of data processing, oil & gas, offshore, marine and wider industrial sectors for unearthed AC, AC/DC and DC power supplies (IT systems) nominal AC/DC 0…690 V and DC 0…1000 V.

This new generation ISOMETER® iso685A covers the requirements of a broad spectrum of applications while also anticipating future technology demands.  It implements a broad platform concept comprising hardware and software elements that make it possible to configure different devices with varying requirements in a modular way, and so react quickly to customer requirements.

A high resolution display is now incorporated for the indication of measured values as well as for establishing or changing the device settings. This display makes it possible to indicate the changes in the insulation values over time using a graph – the isoGraph. In this way the insulation value trend can be estimated and corresponding measures initiated.

The integrated data loggers save both the measured values and the device error and alarm messages in their entirety for the recommended device service life (up to 10 years) with exact allocation of date and time. This makes it possible to carry out event-based fault analysis in conjunction with other measured system data.

Due to the internal resistance of 124 k? and a maximum measuring voltage of ± 50 V the measuring current is only ± 400 µA. Employing pre-defined measurement profiles the iso685-D can be very easily adjusted to meet the precise requirements of the system to be monitored.

Special profiles for inverter applications already include integrated suppression of interfering system fluctuations. The measuring voltage is also adapted to the application based on the profile.

Systems with leakage capacitances of up to 1000 µF can be monitored using the iso685-D. Continuous monitoring of the protective earth conductor as well as the improved measuring technique, ensures the insulation faults and the system leakage capacitance are measured more accurately and more quickly, to deliver improved safety benefits.

In addition the ISOMETER® range now enables coupling to all active conductors to provide continuous coupling monitoring as well as a voltage and frequency measurement on the system to be monitored. Systems up to max. DC 1150 V can be monitored without additional couplers.

A commissioning wizard simplifies initial commissioning and ensures the device is correctly set up for the installation to immediately deliver highly efficient and fault-free performance. Borrowing from lessons learned within the consumer sector, there are specific prompts and pre-settings for the most important parameters for the optimal configuration of the ISOMETER®.

Three digital inputs and two digital outputs are available as interfaces, and an analogue output is also available. The digital inputs and outputs can be programmed as required and can therefore be tailored to the measuring task and related signals. The analogue output can be operated either as a current output or as a voltage output in various operating modes.

The RS-485 interface also makes measured values available on the BMS bus for other display devices, to ensure a complete view of the system.  The parameters can also be set via the bus.

Incorporating an Ethernet interface enables Bender UK’s service team to provide support during configuration, troubleshooting and/or fault analysis via a secure VPN tunnel provided by the customer.

Furthermore, the usage of plug-type terminals ensures efficient installation.

As insulation fault location, particularly in large installations, is becoming increasingly important for proactive maintenance, future variants will also support insulation fault location along with expanded functions.

Bender UK Industrial Sales Manager Tony Edwards is delighted with the way that the Bender engineering and innovation team in Germany have significantly raised the bar for insulation monitoring devices across the wide industrial market.

He explains: “The new ISOMETER® iso685-D insulation monitoring device has been designed as a replacement for our highly respected IRDH275/575 series devices, with the addition of a signal generator enabling it to perfectly meet and exceed the performance requirements for specifiers who previously chose those units.

“It is a clear leap in terms of the technology involved and the standard of build and is competitively priced to deliver added customer benefits without significantly increasing the customer’s costs. 

As a pioneer on the Insulation monitor we are continually pushing the boundaries to stay ahead of the competition – and that’s exactly what we are delivering for our customers.”