Brady launches the new BBP™12 Label Printer, an entry level benchtop label printer for cable, component, product and laboratory sample identification that offers great value for money. The compact BBP12 offers a high print speed of 100 mm/second and can handle a wide range of highly durable and specialised Brady identification labels.


A wide range of quality identification labels

Brady’s new and compact BBP12 Label Printer is compatible with a wide range of durable Brady identification labels, developed to perform in challenging conditions and contexts.

In Electrical, Telecom and Datacom environments, BBP12 can print durable self-laminating labels, wrap-around labels, sleeves, cable flags and tags, terminal block, breaker box and patch panel labels, able to resist abrasion, wide temperature ranges and/or UV-exposure.

In Laboratories, the compact BBP12 prints Brady’s specialised labels for slides, straws, tubes, conicals and bottles which are able to resist liquid nitrogen, freezer, hot water bath or autoclave temperatures and/or a range of typical lab chemicals.

In Electronics, the BBP12 can be part of a low volume traceability automation solution and prints a wide range of product identification labels.


BBP™12 Label Printer features

The compact BBP12 offers high precision printing which enables very accurate image and barcode positioning on small labels from 10 mm up to 112 mm. Combined with a standard 300 dpi print quality, the BBP12 is a great value for money entry level label printer.

The printer’s user-friendly LCD display calibration menu supports professionals to print durable labels in just a few steps, and the printer’s Ethernet connectivity or standalone capabilities allow for an easy implementation in any work environment.


Printer options

A free label unwinder is included with every BBP12 to increase its already vast choice in label materials. On top of this, sSeveral options can be included with the compact BBP™12 Label Printer. The printer is optionally available with peel & present, a technology enabling the printer to present a printed and ready-to-apply label without its liner. Also optional is Brady’s comprehensive label creation software LabelMark™6 PRO.

Watch the video and discover a dozen good reasons to consider the new BBP™12 Label Printer!