The Schmersal Group has introduced a new family of safety relay modules to the market. A major advantage of the new PROTECT SRB-E range is that with each basic version, several dozen existing safety relay modules can be replaced thanks to the multi-functionality of PROTECT SRB-E.

Each module can be configured for up to eleven different applications via a simple control element.  All conventional safety sensors and electromechanical safety equipment can be monitored. 

One version of the new PROTECT SRB-E range is also distinguished by p-type fail-safe power semi-conductor outputs up to 5.5 A. This SRB-E variant is particularly suited to fail-safe applications with high switching capacity in conjunction with short cycle times, other versions are equipped with a combination of secure relay outputs and Si-semi-conductor outputs of cat.

4 / PL e or with an input extension for up to four sensors, which can also be monitored up to a performance level of PL e. A combined version makes it possible to monitor two safety functions with one device, such as a two-hand control panel and an emergency stop function. The fail-safe outputs are available separately can be linked by the user according to the application.

The new SRB-E Modules are designed to replace the existing series from Schmersal in the coming years, though these are still available until further notice.

The Configurable SRB-E Modules. 

User-friendly: Up to 11 different applications can be selected • Monitoring of all conventional safety switchgear • Safety level up to PLe / SIL3 can be achieved • Simple adjustment using rotary switch • Selected application can be locked using seal • Quick response time to request <10ms • Slot-in termination with coding • Excellent switching performance and short cycle times. 

Flexible: 1 or 2 channel signal evaluation • Contact configuration can be selected for sensors • Start / Restart function with monitoring • Input expanders for 4 sensors up to PLe •  Cascading using safe inputs • Combines evaluation for 2 protective devices • Two-hand control monitoring according to type IIIC • STOP Category 0 and 1 • Up to 5 safety outputs • Safety category 4, Ple semi-conductor outputs up to 5.5A. 

Compact: Installation width for all device variants 22.5mm • Up to 24 connecting terminals • Up to 10 safe inputs and 5 safe outputs • Up to 4 signalling outputs • Holder for equipment label.