Control from a distance with the new Crouzet Virtual Display available at OEM Automatic 

Save time utilising Bluetooth technology to easily program hard to access controllers. Front face display can be viewed and operated remotely in real-time even with a blind controller.  Perfect solution for small applications that do not necessarily require a human-machine interface.  Monitor your application by datalogging, sending event emails or utilising an FTP server.  Measure and record key parameters and download or get them sent out in csv file via Bluetooth, USB, email or by FTP.

Choose key events and receive regular status or alarm email notifications.

Interact with other devices via ethernet and modbus at the same time.

Program from anywhere on your local network using free Crouzet Soft package.

There is now no need to remove or disconnect any cables to program the controller. It is possible to connect PC and Millenium EVO without any cables using Bluetooth interface or simply having access to the same local network. Edit programs and control the unit from the safety and comfort of your desk.

Millenium EVO base model offers 24 I/Os.


4 configurable high speed counting

8 configurable digital and analog (voltage or NTC probes)

4 digital inputs


2 relays rated at 6A

6 relays rated at 8A

I/O count can be further increased using expansion modules.

Digital or analog modules are available adding 6 inputs and 4 outputs each.

Up to two modules can be attached to the base unit to achieve 44 I/Os on a single system.

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