Hubbell Premise Wiring have launched an innovative solution guaranteeing 10G performance up to 55Mtrs using their Cat6 UTP premium solution. This offers substantial cost savings over existing Category 6a systems whilst also allowing greater profit margin for installers. As a Hubbell Approved Installer purchasing from Minitran you will be able to offer the Hubbell 10G solution to your customer backed with a full 25 Year Hubbell Mission Critical Warranty.



Interesting times are ahead for cabling installers. New network protocols are being defined to enable even greater data throughputs. Minitran’s Nick Jackson was recently at a meeting where 40GBASE-T was one of the topics, and some interesting questions were raised. These very same questions were raised when 10GBASE-T first appeared on the scene back in 2006.

If we look at the history of the current fastest Ethernet protocol, 10GBASE-T some observations come to light. The path of 10GBaseT was very convoluted, and to a certain extent miss-understood.

When 10GBase-T was developed, it was always envisaged to be used as a data centre switch to switch connectivity solution, typically short links over Category 6 UTP cabling. Hold on did we say Category 6 UTP cabling! Indeed we did, and this is where some of the confusion lies within our industry. 

Back in the days when 10GBASE-T was designed, these high speed data links were designed for data centre switch to switch or server connectivity.  It was never designed for desktop applications as cabling solutions capable of providing reliable data transfer over the 90/100Mtr Category standards did not exist. After a considerable length of time we finally ended up with Category 6a, which will support 10G over the 90/100Mtr Category length models.


The Hubbell Advantage:

So if a customer wants a 10G cabling solution to the desktop, what do you offer?  Statistics from the cabling industry suggest that most desktop links are less than 55Mtrs.  Indeed clever design of the infrastructure can reduce cable lengths even further. The cost increase for Category 6a over Category 6 is quite considerable, so what do you install?

The answer could be with the leading US Manufacturer Hubbell. TSB-155 UTP solution with guaranteed 10GBASE-T performance up to 55Mtr.  As we have seen most links are less than 55Mtrs, so in practice the Hubbell 10G Cat6 UTP solution is a very good fit for most solutions, also at a large cost saving over Category 6a solutions.

The Hubbell Cabling system is distributed in the UK by Minitran. If you are interested in this solution or would like to attend a Hubbell 10G seminar to find out how this solution can give you a competitive edge and make your installation more profitable please contact the Minitran Sales office.


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