The introduction of the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) last year has seen demand for solar PV grow rapidly. Obviously any solar PV installation has to comply with the relevant standards and regulations, and with this in mind, a new range of test equipment has been launched by Di-Log Solar which includes a high specification Irradiance Solar Meter (SL102) and PV Installation kits.

The SL102, with its dual display, enables the installer to accurately measure irradiance and connect directly to the panel’s terminal to measure voltage (VOC) with the supplied MC4 test leads. Thus you can safely test the panel in-situ whilst measuring the irradiance levels before fitting the panel on the roof.

The SL300 PV installer test kit includes the SL102 and the Di-Log DL6402 DC current clamp meter. The kit is supplied in a soft carry case, making it portable and easy to take on-site.