Switchtec has introduced its new Telergon switch disconnectors which have been upgraded – improving comfort and functionality.

Telergon switch disconnectors are suitable for a range of applications where general switching duties are required. They are suitable for control switches for multiple circuits and for use in main circuits as ‘on load’ switches for motors, machines, heating equipment, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, generator sets, and mains/generator changeover use.

In these applications the panel builder or end user not only requires a switch that will meet their electrical performance requirements, but also a handle that is ergonomic, safe and comfortable for operators. Further, one that has all the design functions needed for modern panels. Such functions as a door Interlock facility to prevent opening of the panel when powered up, IP65 ingress protection, padlockable in the off position (including door interlock), and a defeatable function.

Telergon has designed the family of handles to be aesthetic as well as functional. A switch disconnector handle is invariably the largest and most prominent item on the front of a panel. As such, modern panel builders are keen to ensure their panel is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing in appearance. Telergon have designed the upgraded handles with this in mind, sympathetically and aesthetically designing the switches whilst ensuring its functionality.

Further consideration was taken when Telergon chose the colour scheme for the new handles. The standard handle colour is now dark blue, with a white indication stripe down its centre. This was chosen primarily as blue is Telergon’s corporate branding colour, and it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the handles. For emergency applications the handles are also available in red and yellow versions.

In designing the new handle, ergonomics were a large consideration. Operating a large switch disconnector requires a lot of force to overcome the torque the switch needs to cleanly break the load. This force puts a considerable pressure on the operator’s hands and if the switch is in any way uncomfortable, then the operation can be much more difficult to perform and in the past has even been known to cause injury. Utilising smooth, flowing curves, Telergon have addressed this by engineering their new handles to be as ergonomic and comfortable as possible without compromising on performance.

Often, a requirement of modern panels is to provide a defeatable handle. This function allows the installation or maintenance engineer to open the panel when it is on – powered up. This facility is needed when inspecting or servicing the panel and also necessary to help identify faulty components, to test certain items or to adjust the parameters of equipments within the panel, which obviously cannot be accomplished whilst the panel is off. Telergon have designed this function into all of its On/Off handles. The defeatable mechanism is integrated into the handle in a very subtle, ‘secret’ way, so that only an engineer with knowledge of this function would know of its presence. This prevents unqualified personnel from operating the defeatable mechanism.

The upgraded Telergon handles provide a door interlocked, padlockable function whereby the handle is padlockable in the off position as standard, and exhibiting versatility, versions are also available that are padlockable in both the on and the off positions. The handles have the facility to accept up to three 8mm padlocks. The Interlock facility prevents the door from being opened in the on position, but also prevents the door from being opened in the off position when padlocked.

The previous range of Telergon handles required a fair amount of assembly to get the parts installed correctly. The old assembly kit comprised of handle, fixing screws, shaft, door Interlock bracket, and a separate gasket. The upgraded Telergon handle range had been designed to greatly simplify installation. The new kit comprises just handle, screws and shaft. The door interlock facility and gasket are now designed into the handles’ construction, making installation easier, reducing installation time and cost.

The upgraded Telergon handle range is now available for all ranges and sizes of Telergon switches. This is available for the S5000 range of switch disconnectors from 40 to 6300A, the CCF range of changeover switches from 40 to 3150A and the M11 and M21 range of fuse switches from 32 to 800A. The whole range is manufactured according to IEC/EN 60947-3 and approved to CE KemaKeur and PCT (GOST).

The upgraded handles are fitted as standard to all new Telergon disconnector switches and are available to retro-fit on earlier generation switches. Although they can be fitted to the latter, there may be some compatibility issues, though not in all cases, and Switchtec are able to advise.