Forge Europa, industry leaders in LED technology and clever light solutions, develop, design and manufacture custom LED PCBAs, light engines and optics, standard LED PCBAs, luminaires and components, putting the light where you need it most.

50mm LED down light engine

Forge Europa’s 50mm LED down light engine incorporates Cree MT-G2 LED technology and market leading optics to deliver up to 1000 lumens. This solution is ideal for creating tailored lighting schemes for offices, corridors, class rooms, meeting rooms and more.

This compact and highly efficient module enables Part L compliance with an efficacy of 65lm/W. Made to order in a choice of colour temperatures and a number of options for viewing angles. Find out more at

Standard LED Light Engines

Forge Europa’s expanding range of LED light engines offer the perfect solution for ceiling fittings, recessed tiles, 2D and linear fluorescent replacements. Available in a variety of size and layouts the range is built to the highest quality with efficient mid power LED components. For added ease of installation each PCB is supplied with on-board poke-in connectors. High colour rendering and long life of up to 60,000hours come as standard.

Expert Custom LED Optics

With an ever expanding market for LED lighting solutions the need for differentiation has never been greater. With an expert custom LED optic from Forge Europa you can stand out from the crowd. Let us develop and manufacture a bespoke lens solution, as part of your complete LED solution, to put light where you need it; increasing efficiency, enhancing aesthetic appeal and maximising value.

With the help of our expert team who will take you through the process – simple.

We scope out the project and understand your requirements, fully, before designing, modelling, visualising and prototyping. Once everyone is happy, tooling can happen and the button on high-volume production can be pushed.

So, what are you waiting for?

With all this and more Forge Europa is the ideal partner to deliver clever light solutions.