Simplifies terminal rail configuration and ordering

The new Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) tool provides step-by-step support when selecting and assembling Weidmuller’s connectivity and automation products – including the new Klippon Connect A-Series PUSH-IN terminal range and the u-remote IP20 I/O system, providing 3-D graphical representation of the products and rail configuration. It can cut engineering times by up to 75% when configuring terminal rail components.

Digital information is becoming increasingly important during product development. Starting with the product selection, configuration and creation of a virtual prototype through to the automated production and installation, end-to-end, available data models are a cornerstone of digital production.

The graphical software tool supports continuous engineering workflows, from CAD planning to documentation. It includes a wizard function and a product database, and can be integrated with engineering systems such as Eplan, to make the configuring of terminal rails simple, safe and convenient

Indeed, the Weidmüller Configurator software forms the ideal basis for end-to-end transparent panel planning. The pilot phase is crucial to the success and cost-effectiveness of the entire panel building process.  This calls for an intelligent interplay of digital product data and interconnected engineering tools.  The Weidmuller Configurator offers users a powerful interface to do precisely that.  All product data for digital planning can be easily integrated into standard engineering tools and these are then available to users throughout the entire life cycle.  This makes placing not only much more efficient – but also beneficial in terms of all downstream process steps.

Some of the key benefits of using the Configurator, which is free of charge, include being able to simplify rail layouts, product selection and the generation process for parts lists as well as project documentation.

Once the design is complete, the user can enquire about the components directly from the software – either as individual components or as a pre-assembled complete solution on a DIN rail.

Summary of Benefits

The software tool offers a host of benefits including:

Verifying rail layout:

  • Using Weidmuller’s expert product knowledge, users are able to verify their designs.
  • Users are able to get assistance in putting together terminal blocks and their accessories
  • The automatic filter function provides active assistance in putting together terminal blocks by preventing and automatically correcting incorrect assemblies. Users can only add selected fitting accessories to their current configuration. This makes planning easier and saves a huge amount of time. At the same time, they can benefit from seamless documentation of their assembled terminal rails.

Simple and secure labelling

  • The Weidmüller Configurator enables labelling for the whole project.
  • There are direct interfaces to CAD programs and the M-Print® PRO labelling software, a professional software package to help users to optimise their processes for marking electrical equipment. Users can design, print and order their marking material effortlessly, professionally and quickly and includes texts, frames, lines, graphics, barcodes, serial numbers and photos.

Creating Project Documentation Packs

  • Users can create all of their project documentation including, rail layout drawings , parts lists and a complete set of datasheets
  • Vast amounts of time and resources are saved in the design planning and documentation stages.

Interfacing to CAE Systems

  • Users can import the design in to their CAE package
  • There is a built in interface to EPLAN
  • Users are able to generate dxf and step files for a range of CAE packages

You can download your free copy now.  Alternatively, for further information, visit our website, email us or feel free to call us on 0845 094 2006.