SICK has recently introduced its new Incremental Encoder Conversion Kit which helps protect manufacturers and operators from the costly effects of incremental encoder failure. 

Integral to the kit is SICK’s new PGT-10-S handheld encoder programmer, which allows an incremental encoder to be configured to exact specifications on the spot without requiring a PC. By enabling immediate replacement of a wide range of encoders, the kit reduces down-time and revenue loss. Also in the kit is a selection of three programmable encoder types together with appropriate mechanical and electrical accessories.

SICK’s Darren Pratt, commented, “The SICK Incremental Encoder Conversion Kit is designed to replace as many different types of incremental encoders as possible, whatever their origin, and thus reduce the requirement for manufacturers to hold specific stock.”

Although encoders are highly reliable, failure can lead to down-time costing £1,000s per hour, so engineers traditionally required specific replacements available for each variation used on plant – this could be hundreds of different models. Pressure to reduce the cost of holding spare parts has resulted in many plants being left without replacements, even for machines critical to the process. In the case of older machines the original product may no longer be available.

Pratt concluded, “By being able to rapidly install a highly adaptable and configurable replacement, the production engineer can use the Incremental Encoder Conversion Kit as an essential tool. Whichever encoder in his plant needs to be replaced, he knows he has the solution to hand.”