The Powersolve PSUSB Series are 10 ports and 20 ports 2.4A USB charging & sync hubs. These hubs offer the solution to charge and sync several tablet PC’s or other USB devices simultaneously. Also ideal for automated duplication tasks such as USB memory sticks etc, where data can be transferred to multiple devices at the same time. These hubs can be cascaded with another model of the same type to double the number of ports available. For example two 20 port units can be connected together to operate as 40 ports.

They are compliant with USB battery charging specification 1.2 and can provide up to 1.5A charging in CDP mode (charge & sync) or 2.4A in DCP mode (charge only). CDP/DCP mode is selected automatically by manually connecting or disconnecting to host computer. When all devices are fully charged in DCP mode the unit will automatically cut all ports power. Supports high speed 480 Mbps, full speed 12 Mbps and low speed 1.5Mbps operation. Supports iOS and Android devices. Ideal for use in schools, business or any application where multiple charging and or data transfer is required.