3rd, 4th & 5th July 2012
Manchester, UK

This conference has been created to help drive the UK electrical industry towards the best practice in the areas of earthing, lightning and surge protection. We have lined up some of the finest engineers and professionals from the local electrical industry to discuss current industry issues and technology, including case studies and state-of-the-art and practical applications of electrical engineering.

You will have an opportunity to discuss your electrical issues with our speakers so you can examine the practical aspects of applications in your workplace. The conference will be attended by those who are interested in technical solutions to their electrical problems as well as industry trends, standards developments and new techniques to tackle existing issues. 

This conference will also help to demystify the subject of earthing to remedy the gaps in technical knowledge and improve practices in the industry. The UK needs a unified approach to earthing, which can be commonly understood and widely applied.  

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For more information please contact: sarah.montgomery@idc-online.com or call +44 20 8335 4014

Keynote Speakers:


International Electrical Design Consultant

Electrical Power and Distribution System Specialist


Chief Technology Officer – ARK Continuity

Electrical Engineering & Power Distribution Expert


Managing Director – Earthing Solutions

UK Earthing Specialist



Part 1: Practical Earthing, Bonding, Lighting & Surge Protection – The Basics
Part 2: Practical Power System Harmonics, Earthing & Power Quality

CONFERENCE DAY 1 – 4th July 2012

Surge Protection and Earthing of Railway Instrumentation

Terry Cousins – International Electrical Design Consultant

Electrical Safety Legislation – What Does the Law Require?

Windsor Coles – Coles & Associates Ltd

Earthing Issues Associated with Connection of Small Renewable Schemes into the Electricity Network

Trevor Charlton – Earthing Solutions

BS EN 50174 and BS EN 501310 – Standards Updates Explained

Tim Oldershaw – J Brand Limited

Comparing Earth/Ground Noise Between North American & European Data-Centres

Ian Bitterlin – Ark Continuity

De-Risking Earthing Design Especially the Intractable Problems

Ian Griffiths – EES Group

Reducing Copper Theft in Lightning Protection and Earthing Systems

Calum Heath – FM Sudafix Group


CONFERENCE DAY 2 – 5th July 2012

The Recent Development of Switched-Mode Power Supplies in ICT Equipment

Ian Bitterlin – Ark Continuity

Changes to BS 7671 with Respect to Protection Against Surges

Joe Elwood – Furse

Earthing Assessment Techniques to Reduce Expenditure for High Voltage Electrical Installations

Robert Knott – Earthing Risk Management Ltd

The Earthing of Low Voltage Installations on Railways

Graeme Brindle – Amey Consulting

Earthing Issues Associated with Underground Cable Systems in Urban Areas

Trevor Charlton – Earthing Solutions

Impact of Lightning Protection in Simandou Region

Aparna Arunthavasothy – Sinclair Knight Merz

Transient and Power Frequency Overvoltage’s – Embracing EN50550

Mario Vesuvio – First Power and Surge Protection


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