The risks of hard wiring

By tradition, electrical equipment has been designed and built with the wiring hard-wired straight to an electrical circuit. While presenting an acceptable solution during normal operation, hard-wiring presents a number of challenges: not least the question of what happens if the product breaks down and the problem is traced to an electrical fault.

Under these circumstances, a quick fix is not possible as the product is hard-wired. The customer may be losing money as the product is no longer functioning, and worse still, a professional engineer has to repair the problem, resulting in loss of time and consequently, further loss of money.

This is just one example of the risks associated with hard-wiring. Other examples include; maintenance shutdowns at the plant and product relocation. When the wiring of a product is permanently connected to an electrical circuit these associated risks of additional time and costs always have to be taken into account.

The Plug & Play solution

By wiring the product through connectors, it becomes possible to connect to and disconnect from the electrical circuit effortlessly. Whether the problem is an electrical fault, a factory shutdown or product relocation, the “Plug & Play” connector solution will substantially reduce the associated risks of increased time and cost.

This Plug & Play approach can be applied to any industrial, electrical and mechanical application at either the design or the production stage. With this thought in mind, HARTING has launched HARTING Customised Solutions (HCS), a global operation for producing custom-specific interconnection solutions.

Customised cable assemblies

A key part of this operation is the production of customised cable assemblies, combining the company’s market-leading connectors with expert local and global production capabilities. Taking advantage of the company’s UK production facilities, based in Northampton as well as a global presence. Consequently, HARTING is able to produce assemblies carrying any combination of power, control signals, embedded processor I/O, Ethernet communications, and data pulses.

Configurations available include: single- or double-ended cable assemblies; multicore or single core cables; modular assemblies; and conduit systems.

Plug & Play solutions are also ideally suited to fixing bulkheads on to boxes. HARTING offers the complete service of design and manufacturing of box builds along with electrical assembly. This covers bulkhead mounting, bulkheads with tails and panel wiring, with each box being custom built to users’ requirements with the support of a dedicated project manager and a CAD engineer – offering the complete solution.

In addition, the facility offers a range of services using advanced equipment including AC/DC testing, pull testing, bespoke testing, reporting, crimping and fibre-optic processing services.

User benefits

The customised Plug & Play approach to interconnectivity offers considerable benefits in terms of lower costs and reduced installation time. Other advantages are reduced errors in field wiring, no tooling investment required by the customer, and the reassurance of a 100% tested product. HARTING Customised Solutions provides a comprehensive approach, by working with the customer to develop a solution from design to production. 


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