The company is launching a brand new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar to tackle the long running fire industry debate surrounding system protocols. The seminar is aimed at helping consultants, specifiers and fire industry insiders involved in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing of fire systems.

The definition of open and closed protocol has always been a complex issue as it differs according to people’s individual interpretations. The debate is being reflected in the marketplace and the confusion is leading to many companies making the wrong choices for their business, says Donald McFarlane, the companies UK business manager.

The CPD seminar, called ‘Open, ClosedConfused?’ provides the definitive guide to the protocol argument within the fire alarm industry, offering information and invoking discussion on one of the industry’s hottest topics. It provides the key to unravelling the confusion surrounding open and closed protocol, explaining what protocol actually means, as well as the impact it has on the choice of fire systems provider.

The course focuses on transparency, addressing the advantages and disadvantages of open and closed systems, and covers how the choice of protocol affects the on-going essential service and maintenance of a site to ensure it is managed in accordance with current legislation.

Donald McFarlane said: “We want to go back to basics and address all sides of the argument regarding fire alarm protocols. The presentation is about simplifying and explaining all of the issues. We will look at open and closed systems throughout the whole industry. The seminar gives clarity to those parties involved in every aspect of fire systems and includes an interactive section that provides attendees with an ideal platform to share their views on the subject.”

The Open, ClosedConfused? CPD session is the latest in a range of Gent technical seminars that have been written to enable professionals in the industry to acquire new knowledge and skills and provide a better understanding of the key considerations surrounding a particular subject area.

Gents CPD seminars are recognised as the fire industry’s principal education forum and cover all aspects of fire detection including legislation, building regulations, standards, and voice alarm. The comprehensive programme of CPD seminars for designers, installers and end users has gained several relevant external accreditations and has been officially certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service.

The company’s seminars are listed on the CPD website at Seminars can also be booked through the Approved System Integrators listed on the website: