Garo Electric has introduced a premium quality end-to-end EV Charging range to the UK market. Backed by extensive Nordic market-leading expertise, Garo charging points are featured in multiple high profile installations including Facebook, Musgraves, Abbott, McDonalds, Volvo’s R&D facility, Airport Car Parks and Sweden’s Green Highway.

The comprehensive range includes Wall Chargers, Public Fast Chargers & DC Charging Stations. Every setting is catered for, from home charging to workplaces, institutions, municipal buildings, offices, shopping centres, car parking & public spaces, service stations & more.

Smart technology allows for easy operation and a highly positive user experience. This includes RFID functionality, WiFi, 3G/4G and Cloud Billing / Reporting Systems – giving the user complete control of the charger and who can charge. A unique load balancing function allows the charging station to adapt to the demands of the user’s system. Domestic users can set the wall charger to avail of cheaper off-peak electricity rates to make running their EV even more cost effective.

Where available, all Garo Electric Vehicle Charge Points will automatically take their supply from photovoltaic panels (PV). If the PV array cannot supply the total Electric Vehicle requirement, the balance will automatically be taken from the grid.

Premium durable materials are used to ensure that every charge point can withstand the elements. A 3 year warranty comes as standard across the range.

Garo Electric has enjoyed a rich history of innovation since its foundation 80 years ago. As the Nordic region rapidly adopted EV technology, Garo developed their premium charging range to meet this demand and continually evolves the offering to suit the global market.

For those who wish to find out more about the range, Garo’s technical sales team can provide detailed information including pricing, technical specs etc.

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