New management functions have recently been added to HARTING’s Fast Track Switching Ethernet-based switching technology. The new additions include determinism and availability combined with redundancy, reliability and diagnosis.

The Fast Track Switching method recognises, prioritises and accelerates those frames that are particularly important for the user in a specific application. The switch up for the identification characteristics within these frames can be easily set-up. This allows the switch to recognise important frames, which are then accelerated by way of the cut through method, allowing them to overtake other frames blocking their path. As a result, important data will reach its destination on time, regardless of the remaining network load.

The devices offer all the functions of a modern switch including redundancy capability as well as VLAN and DHCP capability. The integrated PROFINET I/O stack also allows the devices to be used and integrated as Conformance Class B equipment in the PROFINET area. EtherNet/IP applications are also optimally supported with IGMP snooping and DHCP Option 82.

The Fast Track Switching product family includes three new members – the Ha-VIS FTS 3100-A, equipped with ten RJ45 ports, the Ha-VIS FTS 3082-ASFP, equipped with eight RJ45 ports plus two SFP slots, and the Ha-VIS FTS 3060-A, with six RJ45 ports in a slim design.