Property business Ocubis encourages energy efficiency through accurate monitoring with Socomec’s Vertelis Hyperview and Countis.

Commercial and residential London property company – Ocubis – is encouraging energy efficiency in multi-tenanted buildings to help drive awareness of energy usage amongst tenants and to deliver more accurate sub-billing at its prestigious Fulham Green campus.  Located in the heart of west London within private, landscaped grounds, Fulham Green is home to five newly refurbished office buildings.

Keen to offer the very latest energy management technology, Ocubis worked with market leader, Socomec, to define the optimum solution for the Fulham Green campus.

Engineered to drive reductions in energy consumption – and associated costs and carbon emissions – Socomec’s Vertelis software suite has been designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, facilities and organisations.

Through dashboards and indicators, Vertelis enables users to understand energy consumption levels and monitor power parameters in real time – giving meaning and context to the data generated.  Abnormal activity is flagged via email or SMS; the most recent version of Socomec’s energy management software introduces an intuitive HTML5 interface for use on tablets as well as PCs.

Vertelis collects data from tens to thousands of meters and displays it in a simple – yet powerful – format.  Automatic reports can be set up and pushed to key stakeholders via email taking the complexity and guesswork out of important decisions on energy saving.

Using virtual meters relevant to a building or process – combined with automated, customised reporting and alarms – Vertelis provides a transverse view of an organisation, facilitating the availability of information and management decisions.

Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to drive and demonstrate a proactive energy management process; Vertelis provides concrete evidence of commitment to energy efficiency and reducing an organisation’s impact on the environment.

Vertelis Hyperview – which can be hosted locally, centrally or in the cloud – provides a summary of savings made following energy performance actions across multi-utility data.  Cost saving opportunities can be identified by inputting energy contracts to simulate bills and monitoring subscribed power and the distribution of overruns per tariff period; the contract can be optimised by analysing power demand.

Delivering unsurpassed accuracy, Vertelis Hyperview uses load curves calculated by Socomec devices.  Users can create consumption models to aid implementation of a measurement and verification process, as well as analysing electrical power per tariff period and deviations between device measurements and virtual nodes via a “Calculated Measurement Points” function.

Deployed in conjunction with Socomec’s Countis, these DIN rail mounting meters are available in a range of different ratings from single phase 32A direct connected to current transformer connected up to 3000A. All ratings are MID B+D approved for sub-billing and have either pulse or Modbus output.

Robin Taylor, IT Manager, Ocubis, is delighted with the result; “Before the introduction of Socomec’s energy management system, it was necessary to walk the site and manually read each meter.  Today, the Vertelis software provides multi-user access and automatic reporting – our tenants can even log into the system to view a limited set of data that is relevant to their specific usage.  Tenants are now billed with an accurate, metered value based on actual consumption – rather than by the square foot, as is the case at many established office spaces.

“The Socomec meters were quickly and easily retrofitted around the Fulham Green site and they send data back using a Modbus protocol to the Vertelis server which is hosted on a virtual server.

Socomec supported us through the entire project, from working in partnership with our teams to develop the right specification for our needs, to commissioning the system and training users and key stakeholders.  Because Socomec designs and manufactures both the meters and the software, Ocubis has the reassurance of a manufacturer-certified system.”

With typical energy reductions of 18%, if you are a landlord with a multi-tenanted site, contact Alex Metcalfe in order to take control of your energy consumption.

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