Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components, is continuing to grow its product offering into the industrial and automation markets with increased cooperation with IDEC, leaders in machine automation and safety.

IDEC is putting greater focus on machine building, industrial control and safety which are markets already served by Foremost with a wide range complementary products such as enclosures and cable glands.

IDEC has recently introduced a number of key products and solutions, dedicated to industrial specialists allowing them to benefit from: time saving, safer working environments and simplified operations.

The KW2D RFID READER smartly manages access, traceability and user authority for machines and devices or inspection history and can track entry/exit at work areas. The RFID technology solution is a perfect mix between compact technology and smart design to manage the mode of safe operation as specified in ISO 16090. By connecting with devices such as touch panels and PLCs, the RFID reader can be used for a wide variety of applications.

The HT3P SAFETY COMMANDER can convert a tablet computer into an industrial HMI with safety functions such as a hardwired three-position enabling switch and E-stop. It is a lightweight, compact, and secure solution for teaching, programming and maintenance of robots and systems. It combines flexibility and safety while saving the costs of bespoke teaching pendants or permanent touch panels in each workplace.

IDEC 3rd GENERATION EMERGENCY-STOP SWITCHES ensure the safety of personnel and machinery. Unlike traditional E-stop switches, IDEC X-series E-stops utilize exclusive “Safe Break Action” that turns the machine off if a failure occurs within the E-stop itself.

CONTROL PANEL SWITCHES WITH PUSH-IN TERMINALS save assembly time and manufacturing costs. Wiring time can be reduced by up to 55% with IDEC PUSH-IN technology. Terminals equipped with this technology are easy to wire, thanks to a tool-less yet safe and secure connection. This guarantees excellent contact safety, even in demanding applications, with vibration & shock resistance.

Alan Vincent, Foremost’s sales director, said: “We are very pleased to increase our long-standing relationship with IDEC.

“Foremost already supplies a wide range of products from Global brands to industrial and automation system builders placing us at the heart of the markets IDEC has targeted for growth and new products.”