ETS Cable Components, established for 30 years, are Nexans’ longest established and most successful distributor in the UK. The two companies are dedicated to raising standards of power cable accessory installation throughout the UK and are now pleased to announce the opening of Nexans brand new training facility and testing laboratory. This facility will provide dedicated courses for Low Voltage (LV) Jointers to help them gain a better understanding of Medium Voltage (MV) practices, as well as offering 66kV competency courses for experienced and qualified MV Jointers.

The courses will cover the various types of cable construction, cable preparation along with hands on practical training on the various termination and jointing products, including: ‘Heatshrink’, ‘Coldshrink Push-on’ terminations and ‘Separable Type’ connectors.

Other areas covered include electrical stress and methods of dealing with it, the effects of incorrect installation and an insight into how the various Termination / Jointing products are manufactured with advice on the correct way of handling them.

ETS Cable Components managing director, Kevin Moloney, states: “As an ex- Cable Jointer myself, I welcome the fact that our partner Nexans, share our view that dedicated training, particularly in such a safety crucial part of the electrical installation process, is being made far more accessible. This is a topic that both of our companies have discussed and what it’s important to stress is that these courses offer ‘competency’ rather than ‘product familiarisation.”

Mark Davies, sales office manager and training centre manager for Nexans, says: “Here at Nexans we are fully committed to raising cable jointer standards throughout the UK for cable accessory installations. To achieve this we have invested in a new bespoke training centre, which includes a shielded room complete with voltage testing and PD measuring equipment. This training centre is at a new location and is now fully operational.

“These new testing facilities allow us to now offer a range of competency courses that cover different cable constructions, cable preparation and the installation of various technologies such as, push-on/ slip-on, separable connectors and joints & terminations using both heatshrink and coldshrink.

“Successful candidates will be issued with a three part certificate of competency which is comprised of a signed certificate, photo card and test report issued by Nexans, a global cable and accessories manufacturer, which will be recognised and welcomed by numerous developers/ network operators.

“We feel that this is a positive step within our industry and look forward in continuing our relationship with ETS.”

The training facility is based near Nexans Power Accessories UK office in Castleford, Yorkshire and courses are available to book now.

For further information and to book your course, please contact either ETS Cable Components on (02)0 8405 6889 or via