Durability and reliability expert, HBK is running a series of online training courses that will enable engineers to address work challenges utilising nCode and ReliaSoft software.

The courses – created around the needs of engineers from a range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and energy – can develop skills in the areas of reliability, maintainability, durability, and fatigue analysis, through a deeper understanding of the background theory, hands-on examples, and real-world case studies.

Upcoming reliability and maintainability courses include Fundamentals of Reliability, where attendees will learn how to analyse and model reliability data using ReliaSoft Weibull++ and BlockSim. The course provides a solid foundation of the methods, analyses, applications and associated tools in reliability engineering mathematics – from basic data analysis and modeling to advanced methods and concepts.

Delegates on the System Reliability and Maintainability Analysis course will learn system reliability, maintainability and related analyses using the ReliaSoft BlockSim tool. The instructor will show how to build reliability models, explore advanced concepts and applications – and optimization using a reliability block diagram (RBD) or fault tree analysis (FTA) approach.

Upcoming durability and fatigue courses include nCode GlyphWorks: Signal Processing and Test Data Analysis, where attendees can learn how to apply techniques for signal processing, statistical analysis, and durability assessment with nCode GlyphWorks. CAE engineers can learn how to make accurate fatigue life estimations from finite element results at nCode DesignLife: Fatigue Analysis using FEA Results. Advanced courses covering more in-depth concepts like fatigue of welds and predicting fatigue life on products that experience dynamic stresses are also available.

Courses are delivered over a series of 3-hour sessions and presented by Prenscia application engineers who provide real-time instruction in a virtual meeting environment and address challenges interactively to ensure all attendees receive live support. Private training courses may also be scheduled as needed to improve the productivity of a whole team.

The full training course calendar is available here: https://www.hbmprenscia.com/training/online-reliability-durability-courses