Yorkshire manufacturer, Ellis has received a substantial order for its one-hole Aluminium cable-clamps, Vari-cleats and Vulcan+ cable cleats to be installed on the Sydney rail network, which is currently undergoing a significant infrastructure upgrade.

The multi-million dollar project, which is being managed by Novo Rail Alliance, is aimed at “driving safe, timely and affordable solutions to some of Sydney’s most complex rail infrastructure projects and challenges.”

Once installed, Ellis’ cleats will secure three 300sq mm 33kV cables being installed in a rail tunnel that runs from the Argyle substation at the southern end of the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge to the new Art Gallery substation on the east side of the city’s Botantic Gardens. This 3km stretch of tunnel is being upgraded at a cost of $40million (AUD) and is due for completion in late 2013.

Ellis secured the specification through its Australian distributor, Sydney-based IPD Industrial Products. The company has been part of Ellis’ worldwide network of distributors since 2001 and has helped to create a real name for the British manufacturer in Australia.

Tony Conroy, export sales director, of Ellis said: “Our export strategy has always been to identify the very best local distributors and work closely with them in building our name and reputation in their country.”

“IPD has consistently delivered during the time we’ve worked with them and as a result we now have a very strong foothold in the Australian market.”

Ellis’ cable cleats are designed and manufactured to secure electrical cables in a manner that can withstand the forces generated by the cables, including those generated during a short circuit fault. Its Vulcan+ cleats and Vari-cleats have both been tested to the very highest safety standards and are ideal for rail tunnel applications thanks to their compact size, ease of installation, 316L stainless steel manufacture and integral low smoke and fume zero halogen polymeric liner and base pads.

Andrew Chan, a marketing manager for IPD, added: “Ellis’ reputation is certainly growing in Australia, and it can only be enhanced when its products are specified for use in a project where reliability and safety is absolutely vital.”

Ellis is the world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer. For further information visit www.ellispatents.co.uk or call +44(0)1944758395.