3 phase protection for dual speed AC induction motors

Aldershot, UK, 12th March 2012 Carlo Gavazzi has introduced its first ever range of Digital Motor Protection Units for high end motor control. Designed to provide protection against the damage thermal effects can cause by overload; the device can provide constant monitoring of the motor, reduce costs and predict preventative maintenance, whilst increasing the overall lifetime of the motor making it extremely suitable for critical applications such as water treatment plants or power stations.

The DMPU includes popular control functions such as start-stop and reverse, adjustable alarm set points are all fully programmable by the user. Housing is DIN rail mountable with IP 20 protection and includes base units like the DMPUC-PRB (Profibus communication) and the DMPUC-MBT (Modbus TCP/IP), the measurement module DMPUC-05, the additional I/O module DMPUC-R2 and the operator interface DMPUC-HMI.

In its basic form the DMPU is able to measure the motor variables such as current, voltage, harmonic distortion and can include variable datalogging and event datastamping. The optional remote display shows instantaneous values and status. Programming is easy via the configuration software

Full details and specifications are available, download the DMPU datasheets from the Carlo Gavazzi Web site: http://www.gavazzionline.com.