The world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis has expanded its export sales team by appointing Jennifer Dent as export sales administrator.

Jennifer, who had previously worked in an export role for Vision Alert and in a sales support role for BMW, joins a team that is responsible for the sales and shipment of the North Yorkshire company’s cable cleats to over 35 different countries via a network of local distributors.

Tony Conroy, Ellis’ global sales director, said: “When you’re dealing with so many different people in so many different locations it’s imperative that everything is built on the firmest of foundations. Jennifer came to us with impeccable credentials and has demonstrated, in a very short space of time, that she more than lives up to them.”

“Ellis may not be the largest organisation I’ve worked for, but it certainly packs the biggest punch,” added Jennifer. “The scale of its export operation is far greater than I ever envisaged when I first applied for the job, and the fact that we are actively looking at so many new export markets, while growing those we are already working in, points to the brightest of futures.”


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