A major upgrade of Thames Water’s Mogden Sewerage Treatment Works in Isleworth, has benefited from a specialist fuel pipework system from Durapipe.

As part of the upgrade, three new back-up generators have been installed to deliver power should the mains power supply fail for any reason. A reliable pipework system was also required to connect the new generators to the main fuel tank. With that in mind, contractors Biwater Treatment turned to Durapipe PLX.

The pipework was to be installed underground and so Biwater needed a system that would ensure fuel did not leak out into the ground, causing damage to the environment. As a result, Durapipe PLX, in sizes of 50mm – 90mm was installed to safely transport fuel from the 131,000 litre fuel holding tank to feed the three new back-up generators, should there be a power failure.

The Durapipe PLX secondary contained systems are specialist pipework solutions designed to convey a variety of fuel blends, and are manufactured in a robust polyethylene material that provides resistance to long term stress cracking. Additionally, the product’s durability gives it a design life of 30 years, meaning these systems are well suited for use in emergency power applications, where it is imperative to install a system that does not have to be regularly maintained or replaced.

Commenting on the installation, Steve Sager from Biwater Treatment said, “The product material characteristics, and specifically the pipe-in-pipe aspect of the pipework, was the deciding factor for us, as we needed to be confident we would not be accountable for fuel leaking out into the ground.

 “We are liable for heavy fines if there was to be a pollution incident, outside of the agreed limits, so we needed to ensure that all systems and equipment that we installed as part of the upgrade could help us keep this under control.”