Designed for applications that require cost efficient drives with a performance between 0.25 and 22kW, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has introduced its SK 200E series frequency inverters.

Available for installation near the motor or as motor integrated models, various types cover all typical distributed applications. Frequency inverters from the SK 2x0E line, for instance, are equipped with a process and PI controller, and qualify for use with fans and pumps through their internal 24V power supply and two analog inputs. By contrast, the SK 2X5E line is tailored for the needs of conveyor technology.

Inverters from this series are equipped with a brake controller and two integrated potentiometers which allow for easy adaptation to the requirements of any drive task. Standard features such as speed feedback and a positioning function, mean that these inverters can also independently control positioning and lifting tasks.

The units are performance graded and can be fitted with various optional add-on functions, allowing users to choose suitable compact devices with the exact feature range for any given task, thereby optimising resource use. The feature list of all basic models includes sensorless current vector control, a brake chopper, incremental encoder evaluation, POSICON positioning control, and energy saving functions.

A plug-in memory module (EEPROM) enables users to exchange parameter sets with other units of the same type. The inverters are also available with an integrated AS interface as well as STO ‘Safe Torque Off’ and SS1 ‘Safe Stop 1’ safety functions.

The inverters are primarily designed for direct installation on the terminal box of geared motors. NORD provides additional services, pre-configuring these fully integrated drive units for operation in the field with the required protection class. The drive units are available in sizes 1 to 4 with a maximum output of 22kW.


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