A range of bi-metallic protectors and thermal cut-outs from SEKI Controls, are now readily available at ATC Semitec.

Competitively priced and highly reliable, the SEKI thermal protectors, are ideal for limiting excessively high temperatures- protecting a wide range of home and industrial appliances from internal and external damage. 

Providing protection and temperature control from 50°C to 180°C, they are available in calibration steps of 5K and a set-point tolerance of ±5K.

Available in either a plastic casing (ST range) or metal casing (CK range) – the ST range includes features such as moisture resistance and customisable lead-wires and unlike thermal fuses, the ST series cut-outs reset automatically, allowing them to be used as a permanent safety component.

Rob Savin, ATC Semitec’s Managing Director commented, “We are very excited about this range of thermal protectors from SEKI Controls, which have already proved to be popular with a number of major UK manufacturers. Their small and compact designs allow for simple integration into a wide range of products. When their high quality is combined with cost-effective pricing, it is a winning combination for manufacturers of products such as battery packs, domestic and industrial appliances.”

For further information call the technical sales team at ATC Semitec on 01606 871680, or visit www.atcsemitec.co.uk/seki