Having included a new NEMA 4/4x protection category, Rittal’s SE 8 enclosure range is now fit for extreme conditions. The SE 8 enclosure type has UL, cUL and NEMA 12 (IP55 equivalent) approvals as standard features, with protection class NEMA 12 as the default.

With the optional NEMA 4 (for steel enclosures) and NEMA 4x classifications (for stainless steel ones), which roughly correspond to IP66, the enclosures offer increased defence against wind driven dust, rain, splashed water and water jets, as well as from damage caused by external ice formation. Electrical and electronic equipment within the enclosure is protected and can also be used in extreme applications, thanks to the improved dust and water protection.

To achieve NEMA 4/4x classification the door and rear panel have been reinforced with a tubular door frame, integrated through a one piece floor plate with an all-round seal in the base area of the enclosure.

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