Sontay has provided a range of building control peripherals and field device products to the new Mater Dei Hospital, one of the largest building automation projects to take place in Malta in recent times.

The new hospital is a state of the art acute teaching hospital located in Tal Qroqq, Malta, providing a full range of general services as well as specialist care. Controls specialist Engineering for Science and Industry (Malta) (ESI) has integrated over 1,500 Sontay products into the project. It provides the eyes and ears for the Siemens building management system and ensures that building services systems and equipment operate at optimum efficiency and performance. These include air differential pressure switches, temperature sensors, liquid pressure sensors and switches, liquid level switches and sensors and air quality sensors.

ESI has selected Sontay TT temperature sensors for a range of different applications at the hospital. These include sensors which measure air temperature in the air conditioning ductwork running through the hospital, immersion sensors detailing the water temperature at various points in the building’s pipework system and space sensors which provide air temperature readings in operating theatres, patient wards, treatment rooms and other spaces.

The project also features nearly 650 of Sontay’s PA-604 Air Differential Pressure Switches. These are used to provide an important indicator of fan status and ‘filter dirty’ conditions within the building’s air conditioning and ventilation plant.

“Sontay was chosen for the project because of its technical support, the reliability of its products, the company’s speed of delivery and value for money,” said Simon Abela, project manager at Engineering for Science and Industry (Malta). “I have worked with Sontay on other projects so know how well the company and its products perform. This project was a larger scale than anything we have undertaken with Sontay before but still we were confident they were the right choice and the products work exceptionally well.”