Reggiani CELLS, inspired by the cellular eye structure of a dragonfly.

Engineered to offer the broadest range of design options and uses in single or multiple inter-connected modules, from rugged bulkhead (IK10) to bespoke, architectural installations, indoors or out (IP66).

Recessed or surface-mounted on ceilings and/or walls, CELLS can be individually assembled to achieve the ideal lighting solution.

Light distribution can be narrow, medium or wide, with an output of up to 2300 lumen, a choice of colour temperature of either 3000K or 4000K and an impressive CRI of >80.

The base unit will take a standard electrical conduit and can also be used as a junction box. It comes in raw aluminium but offers optional finishes in white, grey or graphite with a clear or opalescent diffuser allowing further control of the final light output and distribution.

Internal back plates are available in a choice of colours to blend in with – or stand out from – the surrounding décor, according to preference.

Control system options include simple on/off operation; Dali; Dim1-10V; Phasecut and Bluetooth.



Established in 1957, Reggiani is now an International benchmark in the lighting industry, a community of lighting experts that provides its customers with cutting-edge technological solutions with an open, collaborative and problem solving approach. The constant development of innovative products and the expertise gained in over 50 years of activity in the field has outlined an increasingly open exchange with the world of lighting designers and architects, with whom Reggiani has established a relationship founded on sharing ideas and best practices and to whom Reggiani provides solutions and support to meet any creative requirement. Reggiani has a widespread

distribution in 80 Countries worldwide and its offices in Italy, USA, UK, China, France and Russia cover an area of 110,000 m2, including areas devoted to production, offices, showrooms and warehouses.

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